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Cindy's comments to the Board of Education

on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 16:53

TFPE President, Cindy Barnard, addressed the Douglas County Board of Education on July 17, 2012.  Here are her comments:

At last month's board meeting I discussed the deficit in the Legal Defense Fund. Since that time I have discovered that the information on the Financial Transparency website is inaccurate.  Journal entry adjustments and re-classes are not reflected on the Transparency site.  To access accurate information, I was instructed to submit an open records request, the response was incomplete. The information supplied to me by the district, shows outside legal expenses for the voucher program total $909,652.  If the funds still outstanding from the private schools are included, the total cost to the district is $934,814. Although I am told that donations to the Legal Defense Fund are expected, to date donations total $807,446. The result, $127,368, State and local tax dollars, earmarked for the public education of our kids has been spent elsewhere.

You value transparency. I ask that you see to it that the Financial Transparency site is corrected so Douglas County taxpayers can have access to accurate and timely information. I also ask that you place on the website a spreadsheet showing all the revenues and expenses related to the voucher program.

I have a responsibility to track and inform the Douglas County taxpayers of the cost of the voucher program. As the leaders of Douglas County School District, I believe you have a responsibility to inform the public of these costs.

Total Voucher Revenue and Expenses

Media coverage from the meeting:

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