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Parent Survey Results

on Thu, 06/21/2012 - 05:07

The results from the Parent Survey have been released. The district feels they are  "Inconclusive due to insufficient response rate" as evidenced by the bold red lettering stamped across every page.  We are not sure why it was decided that that the results were inconclusive because of insufficient responses. What would a sufficient number be?

The results are clear to us - the vast majority of parents are happy with their children's schools and curricula. They like their children's teachers and school administrators.  They believe there is "choice" within the district (#54).

Where things start to turn negative is when asked about the BoE and District and as a whole, and about the voucher program.   Parents are not supportive of the illegal voucher program (#55), don't feel the district is using their money wisely (#56), and that the district does not communicate important decisions like the illegal Voucher program well (#49 and #50).

We hope that the DAC and BoE take a close look at the results of this survey and use it for input into what our community REALLY wants - to continue our strong tradition of public school excellence!