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on Sat, 01/27/2018 - 20:34

Please call and email your Colorado State Senator and members of the Colorado Senate Finance Committee

Tell them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 83, Concerning the creation of income tax credits for non public education

Tax credits are vouchers that:

  • Send public taxpayer money to private and religious institutions

  • Benefit wealthy individuals and families

  • Fail to improve student learning and outcomes

  • Increase segregation

  • Promote discrimination

  • Drain revenues available to fund public education

  • Lack accountability and transparency


Colorado Senate Bill 18-083

How to find your Colorado State Senator

Colorado Senate Finance Committee contact information:

Senator Tim Neville, R, Chair - 303-866-4873

Senator Jim Smallwood, R, Vice Chair - 303-866-4869

Senator Lois Court, D - 303-866-4861

Senator Cheri Jahn, I - 303-866-4856

Senator Jack Tate, R - 303-866-4883


Talking Points


What are tax credits for non-public schools?


Education tax credits, scholarship tax credits, or tuition tax credits are a form of vouchers that allow individuals or corporations to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit from state taxes for enrollment of a public school student into a private school.

Policy Issues:

  • Socioeconomic segregation and discrimination – benefit the wealthy, private schools may discriminate
  • Research from credible academic sources as well as right and left leaning think tanks with 25 years of data have concluded that tax credits/vouchers do not provide any educational benefit.
  • Full choice education model has little regard to how one person’s choice impacts the choice of another.  
  • Private schools are not held to the same accountability measures as public schools

Fiscal Impact:

  • Tax credits ignore economies of scale – decrease in revenue to public schools leads to loss of programming
  • Tax credits will not result in a savings to the general fund.
  • Education tax credits add another layer of administrative costs and open public money to fraud and exploitation by privateers
  • Corporate donors, receiving tax credits, play the role of middlemen handing public tax dollars to private institutions.