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What We Stand For

on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 00:53

Some of you may have seen the rather shrill email blasts that GCDC has sent out in the last week, ripping (among others) the TFPE website, a TFPE board member and the successful TFPE suit to stop the unconstitutional voucher program.  We have no desire to get into a mud-slinging match with GCDC or with anyone else, so we will simply take this as an opportunity to reaffirm some of our guiding principles:

-  We support strong public education in Douglas County and the state of Colorado.  Our lawsuit was undertaken in support of public education in Colorado, which the voucher program would have seriously undermined.

-  A vital part of a strong educational system is a responsible, transparent and accountable school board.  Our recent actions in fostering close questioning of DCSD finances and in insisting that the school board comply with the Colorado Open Meetings Law were taken in pursuit of this goal.

-  An active, participatory and well-informed body of parents and citizens is also vital to the welfare of a school district.  Our actions have encouraged and will continue to support the participation of the DCSD constituency in our schools and our school district.

-  Speaking our mind is not declaring a PR war.  It is exercising our rights and responsibilities as citizens.

As always, we urge all who are concerned about public education in Douglas County to remain informed and active in the life and events of our school district.